OPV® Easy Label Creator

OPV Easy Label Creator is an addon service to the OPV Online media system that allows suppliers to quickly and easily create product related material like shelf labels, product catalogs, promotional material etc.

All information and images are automatically retrieved from OPV Online and databound into templates, that then produces a high resolution PDF with images, graphics, texts, barcodes etc.

User friendly

The user just selects the products they want in the material and chooses a template. A few seconds later, they have a finished PDF redy for distribution or print.


  • It can handle texts with wildly varying lengths (by for example scaling, hyphenation or by moving underlying elements)
  • Has support for grouping products together according to category trees you can alter yourselves
  • Can add headers/footers/cover sheets/flyleafs/indexes
  • Can databind to information the users themselves has entered, like prices, custom product names and more
  • Can be calibrated and made to fit perforated papers
  • and of course much more...

The templates can even contain logic and rules, that can be used to adapt or alter the layout or content dynamically.


OPV Easy Label Creator has been continuously developed for over 10 years. Over the years it has been thoroughly tested and gotten support for almost anything you can imagine. After all, it's used on a daily basis by some of the largest suppliers globally, which means that the demands on the system are extremely high.


It's free to use for suppliers with OPV Online. From the beginning you have a number of premade templates for shelf labels and barcodes to choose from.

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